Where Did the Time Go?

In two short days, we will walk our students off campus for the last time this year.

Where did the time go? 
As I suspected, time on a campus is much different than time in a district office… a vacuum, really.  This makes me happy.  My faith in ‘school year time’ has been restored. With fondness and new revelations, I look back over this year that has been so tough for me.  With excitement, I look ahead – first, to summer – to recharge, rejuvenate.  Then, to next year – filled with potential. 
Where did the time go?
It went steadfastly to the minutes, days, and hours that made up our year.  It went to sweat, tears, and self-doubt, and finally, to understanding and celebration…
Happy Summer.

Author: RobinLK

Robin is a lifelong learner, seasoned educator, writer, artist, and US Navy veteran. She writes and creates to quiet her noisy mind while trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. Some days, it's clear... other days, not so much!

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