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Have you met TED?  Do you like good ideas?  Do you like sharing good ideas?
Do you visit TED to extend your learning or your instruction? I had the good fortune of being introduced to TED a few years ago (the organization, not the man…yet!), and love sharing this resource with others! 
If you aren’t familiar with TED yet, click [here] to discover a wonderful tool that encourages your own thinking and refining, as their mission to ‘spread good ideas’ grabs you and draws you in before you know it (in a good way!). 
If you already ‘know’  TED, you might be interested in knowing that a new venture, TED-ED, is  soon to be released to the public.  Until then, take a quick peek [here]
Do you consider yourself a visionary or just have lots of good ideas about education to share?? You might want to apply for a spot on the TED-ED Brain Trust. 

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