I play with colors and words. I make messes.
I’m happiest when I can inspire others….  


It all begins with an idea…. a first draft.

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Life is full of trials and errors, isn’t it?  

Art and writing often start with an idea that wants to get out ~ a first draft, if you will.  Then, the first idea gives way to lots of ideas – layers adding their own texture and impact to a project. But drafts need time to breathe {whether words or colors}, so there are always lots of projects on my work table and my writing desk. For me, the process is the best part. The final product? Bonus, indeed. 

In the studio… when the brushes were MUCH newer! 🙂

I love experimenting with tools and techniques and discovering what comes out of the messy blend of colors + words!  Each art piece is an original that’s handcrafted on the work table, a snapshot of life. Each written piece is also an original as I share my thoughts and feelings while trying to figure things out. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!…..  Robin, 2019